Our mission and goal are to meet and exceed the expectations and wishes of our clients. Therefore, we use only high-quality and certified materials, modern equipment, and advanced technologies in our production. We ensure the sustainability, high quality, and longevity of products so they could be used and enjoyed by our customers for a very long time.

Eco Friendly and sustainable production start with high-quality materials. Our houseboats are made from thermowood that is a non-toxic natural product that is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay, and resin-free. It is a sustainable and durable choice that has proven itself to work well in any climate. This innovative material is then decorated with nontoxic and eco-friendly wood impregnants which are given a 15-year warranty.

Three main factors let us achieve the highest quality of the product. Firstly, it is ecological materials processing which requires human resources. Secondly, skilled employees use fast tools. And lastly, the houseboats are built by using rotary machine.  

We are proud to say that hundreds of customers have already tested the sustainability of our ships. Therefore, we firmly believe that our product meets all sustainability standards and exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.