Every houseboat comes with a set of vests, specially designed partitions, extra lifeboat, lockable doors etc. therefore the trip is always safe for passengers of all ages.

Our wood is Certificate Passive House Tradesperson this means it is safe both for users and the environment. More information you can find in Technology.

Wood heated sauna is included in every model. You can choose both for steam sauna or dry sauna experience and use essential oils on the rocks.

Each houseboat comes with a beautifully fitted bathroom with a hot shower, cosy and beautifully designed bedroom and sauna finished with fragrant wooden panels.

We highly value our business clients; therefore we would highly encourage you to contact us and discuss your needs with one of our experienced business managers who are always ready to offer you the best value.

As experts both in ships and houses, we carefully chose only highest-quality materials and premeditated solutions so that you need to spend as little time, effort, and money on maintenance as possible. This feature was highly appreciated by our business customers as well as individual ones.

You can choose four different sizes:    

  • NS18 - 2 persons (1+1);
  • NS21 - 4 persons (2+2);
  • NS36 - 6 persons (4+2);
  • NS42 - 8 persons (6+2);
  • Saunaboat  21 - 4+1
  • Saunaboat 15 – 2+1

Each model has a unique set of features so that your requirements would be met. Please contact us for more details and we will guide you and offer you the best solution in accordance to your needs.


House boat for daily use, romantic place for your holiday or a good rental investment.

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